Cedar Fence Builders In Dallas, TX

If you’re looking to replace or build a brand-new wood fence in Dallas, there’s no better option than cedar. Natural beauty aside, there are many benefits of using cedar wood for your fence. Cedar fences are not chemically treated in any way and has natural oils that contain phenolic acid. These natural oils contained in the wood help to repel insects and is resistant to moisture and decay. These natural-based qualities make cedarwood the best fencing choice for homeowners in Dallas.

Local Fence Contractors Committed To You

At Cardinale Construction, we do more than build and install beautiful custom cedar fences. As a small family-owned company, we are committed to fast and reliable service, high-quality workmanship and building long-lasting relationships with the members of our community. We take pride in offering a high-end personalized experience that you and your brand-new fence deserve.

If you’re interested in adding a beautiful cedar fence to your yard, give Cardinale Construction a call to schedule your free consultation.